Industrial Corrosion and Wear Controls

As part of her efforts in bringing “Total Engineering solutions” to the industrial sector, IndAut(Industrial & Automation) Engineering Solutions  & Drives  Limited  formerly EISNL has  began to offer services to  the teeming  sector users/clientele base  “Corrosion & Wear control services  utilizing  topmost German corrosion/wear control engineering   riding on industry experience spanning over  several decades of R&D,  and direct user feedback. By this, IndAut  is able to offer  services to  her teeming clientele base in the protection and preservation of  critical assets  being used in production activities  ranging from Pumps, valves,  to massive  storage tanks etc. This  includes and not limited to Corrective /repair maintenance  actions on “special difficult to weld”  critical machine parts like vanes, fans etc  with tough and numerous corrosion and wear challenges ,wear and surface protection  coatings  requirements and speciality joining. From the diverse corrosion and fungal attack challenges  often encountered in the oil field /marine areas to the normal wear challenges due to abrasion in many moving parts in industrial applications we are positioned to solve this problem for you whilst you concentrate on your primary focus of production. We guarantee and assure prompt and concise comprehensive  service delivery  to tackle all such problems. An indepth  understanding of the Corrosion and Wear technology  stands us in good stead in fulfilling this. A call to us or visit to our website is the first step in solving all such or similar challenges.